couple relationship after infidelity

Recovering from Infidelity

Being betrayed by your spouse can be very painful and challenging to deal with. It is hard to imagine that the person you loved and trusted can betray you. Nobody would want this to ever happen in his/her life, however, the sad truth is that this can occur to anybody as it happens to many […]

Health Care Reform in the United States

The American health care act (AHCA) and the affordable care act (ACA), both present alternative images of how the care system should be like and how it should be carried out. With the ACA claims that the cost of healthcare should be reduced further and that every citizen is to be covered. But the AHCA […]

Health Insurance and Accessibility

No one knows about tomorrow, especially in the current Millenia. There has been a tremendous rise in deaths due to lifestyle diseases and other medical complications. Most, if not all of these deaths could have been avoided if an individual or families had access to health insurance. Some types of ailments especially the terminal diseases […]

Benefits To Physical Therapy and Dancing

Every dancer is aware of the artistic and unique physical demands of any dance, and sometimes these demands can result in serious injuries. Dancing is very physical and can cause injuries in many parts of the body such as knees, back, hips and also feet. Non-dances are not aware of this. Dancing requires muscular strengthening […]